Neff Brewing Ignition Switch Belgian Pale Ale

dedicated gluten free Neff Brewing Belgian style Pale ale

Ignition Switch Belgian-Style Pale Ale Brewed by Neff Brewing Did you know that there is a dedicated gluten free brewery in Tulsa, Oklahoma? It’s called Neff Brewing and they opened their doors in late 2018. Today I’m reviewing one fo their flagships, the Ignition Switch Belgian-style Pale Ale. This specialty pale is packaged in a … Read more

Joseph James Brewing Foxtail Pale Ale

Gluten Free Beer Review: Joseph James Brewing Foxtail Pale Ale

A Pale Ale From Nevada Brew By Joesph James Brewing Co. Another new brewery to grace the blog! Well…the brewery itself isn’t new, nor is this offering–but it IS the first time I’ve gotten my hands on it to review here on the blog. While this offering is gluten free–that is to say, it’s brewed with ingredients … Read more

Moonshrimp Brewing Dark Pale Ale

negative space moonshrimp brewing dark pale ale review best gluten free beers gluten free brewery

Moonshrimp Brewing: First Review! Negative Space Dark Pale Ale This is the first review of Moonshrimp Brewing to surface on this blog. They are a brand new gluten free brewery based in Portland Oregon. Moonshrimp is now distributing 22 oz. bottles to stores in the Pacific Northwest, and they have a drive-through window in Portland where they … Read more