I Don’t Drink “Gluten Reduced” Beer Anymore. Here’s Why.

I Don't Drink "Gluten Reduced" Beers Anymore. Here's Why.

The Evolution Of Gluten Free Beer When I started writing this blog (about 75 posts ago) I was fairly open-minded about gluten reduced beer options. Two years ago, the gluten free beer market looked very different than it does today. There were way less options on the shelf for us then, and the options we … Read more

Walkabout Brewing Co. Ale (Gluten Reduced)

walkabout brewing co. gluten free beer review

Walkabout Brewing Co. Review Gluten Reduced Ale I’ve been eyeing this gluten reduced ale in one of my local natural foods store for awhile, and finally decided to give it a taste. It comes from Medford Oregon and is brewed by Walkabout Brewing Co. I gather that it is their only gluten “free” (below 20 ppm) option, as it … Read more