Hollows & Fentimans Ginger Beer

Gluten Free Beer Review Hollows and Fentimans Ginger Beer

GF Ginger Brew From Across The Pond A Gluten Free Beer Review Hollows and Fentimans Ginger Beer. Have you ever heard of this UK company? I hadn’t. Which is funny because it clearly states on their bottle “BEWARE OF IMITATIONS!”. Really? Is that a real thing in the ginger beer world? Maybe it’s just because I’m from the States and don’t … Read more

Ground Breaker St. Denny Dubbel Ale

ground breaker dubbel style ale ground breaker brewing company gluten free beer review st denny's belgian ale beet date sugar seasonal brew

A Seasonal Belgian Brew This is the first Belgian style beer review for this site! Katrina and I picked up this Dubbel style ale over the holidays season and have been saving it for this review. St. Denny’s is one of Ground Breaker’s seasonal brews, a winter 2015 batch to be exact. It’s made with … Read more

Ground Breaker Johnny Golden Ale

gluten free beer review ground breaker johnny golden ale portland gluten free brewery best gluten free beers

Ground Breaker Johnny Golden Ale Gluten Free Beer Review When I bought this golden ale, I noticed it was brewed with apple cider, so I expected it to be a cross between a cider and a beer, a fruity beer–if you will. And I definitely expected it to be sweet. Holy cow. Not at all what … Read more

Ground Breaker IPA No. 5

ground breaker brewing ipa no. 5 best gluten free beer reviews

Ground Breaker No. 5: The Stats 60 IBU dry hopped with crystal and sanity hops Made from sorghum, organic lentils, organic tapioca maltodextrin, chestnuts, cane sugar, belgian style candy syrup, & hops. The Tradition Begins… This review is the first one published since my latest and greatest idea: Gluten Free Beer Dates With Friends! Last night … Read more