moonshrimp brewing gluten free beer portland oregon usa

Moonshrimp Brewing Opens For Business: 100% Gluten Free Beer

Another Gluten Free Brewery Opens in Portland, OR

Woohoo! I am excited to announce some news I just received…Moonshrimp Brewing LLC is now open and operational in Portland, Oregon. This makes Portland home to TWO gluten free breweries. (Ground Breaker Brewing is the other…and boy is it delicious.)


moonshrimp brewing gluten free beer portland oregon usa

Moonshrimp Brewing

100% Gluten Free Beer

A quick look at their website taught me that their tasting room (and future brew pub?) is not open quite yet, but they do have a drive-through beer pickup window. The “Beer To Go Window” is open every Tuesday (12pm-7pm), and if that window doesn’t work for your schedule, there are 10-ish store locations you can find their brews in.

Their beer is currently sold in 22oz. bottles only, but they have plans to make growler fills available as soon as possible. The best part is their price! All of their 22’s are priced under $5, which beats out the competition with ease.


The Moonshrimp Beers

They’re ALL gluten free!

Currently Moonshrimp has 3 brews available, and they are all labeled “permanent ales” which tells me that these are their year-round offerings, so if you’re in or near Portland, it is safe to get hooked on them. ;)

Permanent Ales

** To learn more about these beers, visit our Gluten Free Beer List!


  • Negative Space: Dark Pale Ale
  • Starlight White: White Ale
  • One Small Step: IPA


Upcoming Seasonal To Keep An Eye Out For


  • Cask-conditioned Homegrown IPA



If you live in Portland and have access to this beer, submit a gluten free beer review!


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