Moonshrimp Brewing Blood Orange Hazy IPA

Moonshrimp Brewing Blood Orange Hazy IPA

Dedicated Gluten Free Hazy From Oregon

Today I’m reviewing the Blood Orange Hazy IPA brewed by Moonshrimp Brewing in Portland Oregon. Moonshrimp is a small dedicated oat and gluten free brewery in the Pacific Northwest. They’ve been around for a long time, but many of you may not know of them since they serve such a small market.

Moonshrimp Brewing Blood Orange Hazy IPA 6

There’s a couple things that stand out about Moonshrimp’s little brewery. For one, they are known for producing remarkably little garbage. (Almost none…it’s insane!) Moonshrimp is also a “2 man” show. It’s just Dan (the brewer) and his wife!

This Blood Orange Hazy IPA is a seasonal release that clocks in at 5.5% ABV. Packed with Citra and Simcoe hops, it’s brewed on a millet base and fermented on freshly sliced blood oranges.

Moonshrimp Brewing Blood Orange Hazy IPA 1

One thing that’s brand new to me is Moonshrimp Brewing bottling in 16.9 ounce bottles! I missed it at first because I’m used to handling Moonshrimp beers in 22’s. Interestingly, the price point seems the same as when they were in 22’s.

By the way…these 16.9 ounce bottles are really messing with my BottleKeeper game. I have canisters for 12 ounce and 22 ounce bottles, but how am I supposed to tactfully insulate (and conceal) these 16.9’s at the lake?! #firstworldproblems

The Taste Test

Blood Orange Hazy IPA

The Blood Orange Hazy IPA pours with a deep daisy golden yellow color and the most beautiful head I’ve ever seen on any Moonshrimp Brewing beer. I’m accustomed to their beers being a bit more cider-like, but this one poured with a generous head that stuck around! Well done Moonshrimp.

This Hazy IPA lives up to its name. It is very hazy, letting only light (and no shapes) through. It smells purely of citrus. The Citra and Simcoe hops clearly have the aroma on lock. The smell teases a juice bomb.

My first reaction upon first sip is that the body is lighter than I predicted. The carbonation is gentle, and it’s juicy–but not thick. The blood orange doesn’t fiercly impact the palate or texture at first, the way grapefruit might.

Instead, the beer starts soft and fruity, deceptively gentle. Then by mid-palate the grain reveals itself ever so slightly. But then…things get intense. The blood orange qualities begin to take hold and intensify by the time the beer reaches the back of the palate. The dry bitterness of the blood orange sticks with you after the swallow as well.

gluten free hazy ipa

The blood orange reveal leaves you with similar texture qualities that you would expect from a grapefruit IPA. It’s fruity–but not sweet, tart–but not sour, and dry AF.

Despite the sneak attack from the blood orange, this beer is pretty easy going. I might wish for a bit more carbonation to give the front of the palate a bit more pep and to balance its lighter body. Overall, it’s a fruity Simcoe-Citra hop bomb that would easily be enjoyed alongside any summer day.

Have you had the opportunity to try any of Moonshrimp Brewing’s beers? If so, comment your experience below!

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