Holidaily Brewing Buckwit Belgian Witbier gluten free beer review

Holidaily Brewing Buckwit Belgian Witbier

Gluten Free Witbier from Holidaily Brewing

Brewed in Colorado, USA

This is my second beer review for Holidaily Brewing Company based in Golden Colorado. The last one I published was for their Favorite Blonde Ale. Today I’ll be tasting the Buckwit Belgian, a witbier style beer brewed year-round by Holidaily.

Witbiers are typically brewed with a grain bill split between malted barley and raw wheat, so as you can imagine, this is a challenging beer to brew gluten free while still keeping the flavor profile we expect in a witbier.

Holidaily Brewing Buckwit Belgian Witbier gluten free beer review

Lucky for us, several dedicated gluten free breweries have taken on the challenge. Today’s Buckwit Belgian is the latest addition to Best Gluten Free Beers growing list of GF belgian reviews. I hope to get a chance to visit this brewery in person one day, both to try some of their taproom-only offerings AND to check out their brewery setup.

While I myself haven’t been to the Holidaily taproom yet, several of my readers have! One of them contributed a fantastic guest review awhile back. If you’d like a behind-the-scenes peak inside the home of Holidaily, be sure to check out this post written by Jason Nelson.

The Taste Test

Holidaily Brewing Buckwit Belgian

The Holidaily Brewing Buckwit Belgian beer pours with a straw yellow hue and a substantial head that takes absolutely forever to bubble away so I can finish pouring my glass. Something I’ve noticed lately…gluten free breweries (in general, not just Holidaily) are really dialing in the protein balance these days to achieve these remarkable heads. Not many gluten free beers are pouring flat these days. Soooo different than just a few years ago.

Holidaily Brewing Buckwit Belgian Witbier gluten free beer review

This witbier is quite clear, allowing you to watch its endless army of tiny bubbles dance to the surface. You can read the can through the brew. Check out the beer pour on Instagram for a video. Its aroma holds characteristics of citrus and spice. It smells very much like a regular (gluten-FULL) witbier. I’m excited to give it a taste.

The first adjective that popped into my mind as I took my first sip of this beer was “soft”. It’s very smooth, and has absolutely no bite. It’s similar to the Blonde Ale in that respect, but has a bit more character behind the flavor profile if you ask me.

The taste is slightly toasty, and carries light orange tones. This beer has a gentle warmth to it…the kind of warmth you get when you add a bit of turmeric to red meat, subtle. Very subtle. Perhaps imparted from the coriander.

Holidaily Brewing Buckwit Belgian Witbier gluten free beer review

The Buckwit Belgian is brewed on a base of buckwheat, millet, and rice. The bready flavor of the millet stands out most to me. The beer’s body is light and refreshing for a hot summer day. But not in that sharp, bubbles to the nose kind-of-way. Again, it’s super soft on the palate. It just glides right down the throat.

Sometimes buckwheat beers have a very earthy quality to them–which I love, but not everyone does. I don’t really detect that characteristic in this brew. It’s very clean on the palate. In fact, having reviewed two beers from Holidaily now…I will say that this has been a trend for them so far. Their beers are very unoffensive. Very easy drinking.

Holidaily Brewing Buckwit Belgian Witbier gluten free beer review

Do you have any friends that claim to dislike beer? I wonder if they’d feel the same way about Holidaily. Their beer is so smooth, I think even that friend would enjoy it. Let me know if you test this theory, whether you disprove it or not!

I’ve been saving the two Holidaily brews I’m most excited about for last: the Riva Stout, and Fat Randy’s IPA. Secretly, I hope to find they went big with those two brews. My PNW palate craves that punch. Bring on the bitter!


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