best gluten free beer review ground breaker pale ale

Ground Breaker Pale Ale

This week’s gluten free beer review is of the…

Ground Breaker Brewing Pale Ale

A Year-Round Brew That’s 100% Gluten Free


The ingredients of this Ground Breaker Brewing Pale Ale are quite similar to their other brews. Their distinct style utilizes inputs like lentils and chestnuts to brew their delicious set of year-round and seasonal beers.

This particular ale has a beautiful head. It held for a good time too. It’s scent is earthy, much like their others. The beer pours very clear and has a rich golden color.

best gluten free beer review ground breaker pale ale

The Ground Breaker Pale Ale is a very drinkable brew. That is–it’s crisp, mildly flavorful, has a medium body, and a hoppy finish. This is definitely a go-to beer. Especially for those who find their IPA No.5 too heavy for the everyday. (Not me, I love it!)

It is impossible to tell that this is a gluten free beer. Ground Breaker proves that gluten free does not have to be a big deal in the beer world. Gluten-free no longer means beer-free. Thank goodness. 

best gluten free beer review ground breaker pale aleThis brew sits at 30 IBU and 5.8% ABV, so it’s a nice daytime choice. Honestly, it tastes like a true Northwest beer. Classic. It has notes of pine, which add to the earthy tones imparted from the lentils and chestnuts. Ground Breaker dry hops this ale with both Meridian and Cascade. Delicious aromas as you sip.

This Pale Ale came in a 22 oz. bottle, but I wonder if they also offer it in cans like they do the IPA. (The answer I learned is no. Ground Breaker currently only cans the IPA and the Olallie, their Blackberry Rose Hip Ale.)

Ground Breaker Brewing is certified gluten free, and claims that “No gluten-containing items are allowed through the door.” Which I love.

We spend enough time stressing about our food sources and suffering from contamination symptoms…it’s nice to find a company that has our back in this department. I absolutely cannot wait to visit their brew pub and try out their food.




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