ground breaker brewing gayle fresh hop ipa

Ground Breaker Gayle Fresh Hop IPA

‘Tis The Season For Fresh Hops

In past years, Ground Breaker has released a Meridian-hopped Pale Ale at about this time.

This year, the Ground Breaker crew took their annual trip to Goschie Farms to collect their local Oregon hops, fresh out of the field. But THIS year, instead of bringing back an abundance of Meridian (like in past years), they brought back a load of Crystal hops! This led them to brew this seasonal Fresh Hop IPA, brewed with no less than 180 pounds of fresh Crystal hops!

ground breaker brewing gayle fresh hops ipa

Introducing the Gayle Fresh Hop IPA, named after Gayle Goschie, a third-generation farmer in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Gayle Fresh Hop IPA

Ground Breaker Brewing

Guys. Get YOUR HANDS on this beer! It’s UH-MAZING!

Yes, I think this is my current favorite for the moment. It had me at first whiff.

It’s a crisp, dark, clear amber orange color and pours with very little head. A couple minutes later, there’s a ring of bubbles trapped on the side of the glass, but what little head there was, vanished immediately.

ground breaker brewing gayle fresh hops ipa

The Gayle is a medium-bodied beer that bursts with flavor and is truly pleasant from start to finish. Very smooth experience.

The beer is SO aromatic. I remember tasting this in the sample flight at Ground Breaker, and this one stood out above all others for containing the most powerful aroma. Once I smelled it I couldn’t wait another second to take a sip. And let me tell you…it tastes as good as it smells.

Warning: Must LOVE Hops

This 6% ABV fresh hop IPA really lives up to its style. It is incredibly hoppy..perfect for a hop head such as myself. The hop profile tastes very floral and fruity to me. But it’s not very bitter. It sits at just 45 IBU. The fresh hop process has left so much flavor without imparting much bitterness. I’d imagine this beer would be loved by all, whether one had a taste for IPAs or not.

ground breaker brewing gayle fresh hops ipa

In fact, I would hand this beer to any friend that told me they don’t like IPAs.

If you’re anywhere near Portland, this beer may still be on tap in the brewpub. I would highly recommend treating yourself to a pint. You won’t be sorry.


My Only Regret…

Not purchasing more of this seasonal treat when I was visiting Portland!

ground breaker brewing gayle fresh hops ipa
So clear, you can read my seasoning labels through it.


More seasonal beer reviews coming soon! Stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to like our Facebook page Best Gluten Free Beers.





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