Double hazy double dry hopped ipa ground breaker gluten free

Ground Breaker Brewing Double Hazy IPA

Ground Breaker Brewing Double Hazy IPA

Double Dry-Hopped IPA

Today’s review is for the Ground Breaker Brewing Double Hazy IPA, a double dry-hopped IPA released as part of their Roll Up Door Series. This double (hazy) IPA is a limited release packaged in 4-packs of 12 ounce cans. It’s brewed in the USA epicenter of gluten free breweries…in Portland, Oregon.

The Double Hazy gluten free double dry-hopped ipa

It’s also released in collaboration with Equitable Giving Circle, a community-funded and peer-led organization that seeks to create equity in the (BIPOC) Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities of Portland. This means that 10% of the Double Hazy’s profits are being donated to benefit Portand’s BIPOC farming communities and those experiencing food insecurity.

So…drink up! It’s for a good cause. ;)

equitable giving circle ground breaker brewing double hazy

This Double Hazy Dry-Hopped IPA has a 6.8% ABV. It’s is brewed on sorghum, Grouse buckwheat malt, and Eckert rice malt–in that order. This 62 IBU beer features the Columbus, Strata and Summit hops.

Here’s a quick video of the pour (full pour on our Patreon). Be sure to read on below to hear what I thought of it…

The Taste Test

Double Hazy Double Dry-Hopped IPA

The Double Hazy IPA pours with a hazy, but vibrant sunset orange color and a strong head that fades at a mild rate. It smells like a citrus juice bomb. The aroma has me thinking “this is definitely my kind of beer”.

The citrus on the nose is grapefruit-like, with plenty of bitterness and not much malt. The carbonation is a bit harder to observe given the haziness of the beer’s complexion. Its visual appeal is strong, but it’s the aroma that has me salivating.

My first sip reveals that it’s not quite as juicy as I would have guessed off the nose! It’s fruity at first, but in a clean and dry way to start, then the beer’s malty body washes over the tongue, leaving you with citrus on the palate, and a dry bitterness on the throat after the swallow.

This easy-drinking double IPA is certainly for the hop heads, but it also allows for a surprising amount of malt appreciation in the middle of the tasting experience. The head does vanish, but it leaves a teeny rim of bubbles which keeps the beer from having that slightly weightier double ipa-look.

gluten free double ipa

I’m not sure how one might handle this beer if they didn’t love hops, so I’ll just go ahead and assume everyone still reading this does. And since you’re still here, what did my fellow hop heads think of this Double Hazy? Feel free to comment below…

If you made it this far and you’re realizing this is out of your hop-comfort zone, check out some other Ground Breaker reviews I’ve released such as:

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Cheers friends!

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