ground breaker amber lager

Ground Breaker Brewing Amber Lager

Ground Breaker Brewing Amber Lager

“An American Tribute To Bavarian Lagers”

I do believe this will be my first taste of the Ground Breaker Amber Lager, as I don’t remember having the opportunity to sample it in the past. This is a gluten free lager brewed in a dedicated gluten free facility in Portland, Oregon.

It’s packaged in a 16 ounce can that proudly states its intention as an “American Tribute to Bavarian Lagers”. This Amber Lager has a 5% ABV and is brewed on millet, rice, sorghum, and buckwheat. It also contains one of Ground Breaker’s signature ingredients, chestnuts, but no lentils.

I’ve noticed lately that Ground Breaker has begun incorporating more alternative grains into their beer recipes. From what I remember, their earlier recipes seemed to rely more heavily on sorghum, whereas now, sorghum tends to be the second or third ingredient listed, often surrounded by others like millet, buckwheat, and rice.

Here is the beer pour for Ground Breaker’s Amber Lager. By the way, the FULL POUR (filmed in real-time with sound) is available for FREE on our Patreon channel.

The Taste Test

Gluten Free Amber Lager

This gluten free lager pours with an absolutely stunning amber orange color that’s crystal clear from the moment it hits the glass. It forms a nice head when poured down the middle of the glass, and the carbonation combined with the clarity gives this Amber Lager a really strong visual appeal.

The aroma is malt forward and wafts earthy carmel notes. After the head bubbles away, it leaves a patchy layer of mini bubbles in its wake. My first sip reveals a light bodied, crisp lager with a heavy malt presentation on the palate. It has the flavor of an amber ale on the body of a lager, which is a bit suprising!

It is very light and clean, with no hop bitterness and very little sweetness. This Amber Lager has a gentle dryness that almost seems to come more from the cleanness of the flavor profile more than any bitterness of the hops.

When you first sip, you are met with the gentle bite of the carbonation, and the lightness of the body. By the time this lager moves to mid-palate, you are experiencing the range of flavors born from the variety of malts (millet, rice, sorghum, buckwheat). The malt flavors linger after the swallow, coating the mouth and throat the way hops might with an IPA.

My favorite part is still its visual appearance. It’s the most gorgeous shade of amber and it’s clarity is off the charts. You could easily read the can through it without a second thought.

This is a very unique and easy drinking gluten free lager. I’m loving the style blend that leaves you with a light–yet flavorful beer that I think a wide range of beer preferences would enjoy. It stays dynamic after the head is fully gone, by leaving a ring around the side of the glass. Bubbles still dancing to the top, which is easy to see thanks to the clarity.

Now that I have tasted this beer, I can confidently say that it’s my first time. I would definitely remember this Amber Lager if I had tasted it before. I can also say that I am really enjoying the incorporation of more millet and buckwheat into the malt bill. Ground Breaker has always had their own style with their use of chestnuts and lentils, but the added variety offers a lot of subtle flavor additions to the beer’s overall presentation…and I like it.

Have you had the opportunity to try Ground Breaker’s Amber Lager yet? If so, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!


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