Gluten Free Humor...In Sticker Form - BEST GLUTEN FREE BEERS

Gluten Free Humor…In Sticker Form

All Stickers are 100% gluten free.

Who else needs one of these in their lives?

We could all use a little more gluten free humor in our lives.

You know…something to lighten us up from the fear of being poisoned all the time.?

I stayed up way to late the other night creating some sticker designs to adorn my office. Before I get them printed, I thought I’d check in with you all and see who else wants one (or more) of the stickers.

I will be running a short pre-sale to gauge how many should be ordered. Once the pre-sale period is finished (September 30th, 2017), the stickers will be printed and promptly shipped to recipients. I can not guarantee sticker availability outside of the pre-sale period. 

There are 3 designs available: Beer Cleanse, Beer Fitness, & Office Space. All stickers will be 9″ wide and 3″ tall, printed on UV coated Vinyl, bumper sticker shape. The designs are shown below.


Best Gluten Free Beers

Limited Edition Stickers

Limited Access!

This is a LIMITED EDITION product. You must participate in the pre-sale to reserve your desired quantity of each sticker. You can order as many as you’d like, there is no limit. Payment will be processed at the time you place your order. Stickers will ship to customers in mid October.

If you know of anyone who may want a sticker for themselves, please share this post with them so they don’t miss out on the pre-sale!


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