4 East Coast Breweries That Brew Gluten Free Beer (USA)

4 East Coast Breweries In The U.S.

…That Are 100% Gluten Free

This article is for the East-coasters out there that feel isolated form the craft gluten free beer scene. It’s true that this blog contains more reviews of west coast-based ales, than it does of beers originating in the east and midwest. The simple reason for that is where we’re based. You guessed it. West coast.

4 east coast breweries that brew gluten free beer

The distribution channels in place for gluten free beer is terrible, when they exist at all. In my opinion, there is a huge gap in the distribution market…just waiting to be filled by someone who has both the connections and the passion to support and facilitate the booming gluten free market. (Not me.)

So I am going to keep badgering my local stores to stock more brands from around the country, and in the meantime, I will leave you with a list of 4 breweries that produce gluten free beer for the East coast. (One of which already has a review on this site!)

Unfortunately, the southern states have been slow to join the gluten free table. All of the east coast breweries that I know of currently brewing gluten free beer are located in the Northeast states. I know this may bum you out, but read on, because some of them distribute as far west as Illinois and Oregon!

1. Steadfast Beer Co.

New York, USA

100% Gluten Free!

We’re going to talk about Steadfast Beer Co. first, because they are the only brewery on this list that only brews gluten free beers! Their tagline is “Gluten Free Beer For Beer Geeks”. I like the sound of that.

gluten free beer on the east coast gluten free breweries on the east coast

Now, I haven’t gotten my hands on any Steadfast Beer Co. ales in person yet…I have yet to find them on the West coast. But that means you East-coasters are in luck! These gluten free beers originate in New York, and they currently distribute to New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Eastern Pennsylvania and Chicago, Illinois.

If you’ve had them before, feel free to let me know what you thought of them. (Or contact me about writing a guest review on the blog!)

The Steadfast Beers (All GF)

  • Steadfast Sorghum Pale Ale – always available.

Available in: 12oz 4-pack bottles, 22oz bottles.

  • Steadfast Golden Blonde Ale – always available.

Available in: 12oz 4-pack bottles.

  • Steadfast Oatmeal Cream Stout – available in limited quantities.

Available in: 12oz 4-pack bottles.

  • Steadfast Pumpkin Spice Ale – seasonally available; Fall.

Available in: 22oz bottles.

2. Dogfish Head Brewery

Delaware, USA

Brews 1 Gluten Free Beer

gluten free beer tweasonale dogfish head beer review east coast breweriesUnlike Steadfast, Dogfish Head Brewery is a standard (glutenous) brewery that brews one 100% gluten free alternative. They call it the Tweason’ale and we reviewed it on Best Gluten Free Beers about a year ago.

The Tweason’ale is a sorghum-based fruit ale that’s brewed with both strawberries, and buckwheat honey. It’s unique to say the least. And according to Dogfish Head, that’s on purpose.

From the Dogfish website:

“It seems as if lots of folks who have gluten-tolerance issues are pining for an interesting beer,” says Dogfish founder and president Sam Calagione. “While there are a few well-made examples that mirror traditional beer styles, there arent any off-centered offerings. Enter Tweason’ale.”

Off-center. That’s a great word for it. :)

The Tweason’ale is available in 4-packs all year long, and it has a fantastic reach in terms of its distribution. Let’s just say, it’s no accident that it’s the only brewery on this list that has a review on this site. If I can source this fruit ale all the way in Oregon, I know you East-coasters can too!

3. Ipswich Ale Brewery

gluten free beer on the east coast gluten free breweries on the east coastMassachusetts, USA

Brews 1 Gluten Free Beer

Inspired by the farmhouse ales of Belgium, the Celia Saison is a sorghum-based beer brewed by Ipswich Ale Brewery in Massachusetts. This year-round brew contains an ABV of 6.5% and is available in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles.

It hasn’t yet been reviewed on this site, so if you’ve tried it and have an opinion about it, please share in the comments below!

Notes of zesty Curacao orange peel are matched with a peppery Belgian yeast for a complex, yet quite quaffable Saison.


The Celia Saison is brewed with orange peel and Styrian Celia hops. The reviews I’ve read on other sites claim that these flavors are not subtle, but I have yet to uncover if that is a good or a bad thing.

4. Ramapo Valley Brewery

New York, USA

Brews 1 Gluten Free Beer

best gluten free beer brands ramapo valley breweryRamapo Valley Brewery is the only brewery in the country that is Kosher certified. They brew out of Hillburn, New York and have been around since year 2000.

Ramapo Valley Brewery produces one naturally gluten free beer called the Passover Honey Beer. The Passover is a unique brew that depends mainly on amber honey for its fermentation.

I haven’t been able to try this beer myself, but based on the ingredients, I would suspect this ale might taste a bit cider-y. I would also guess that it’s on the sweet side. Feel free to comment below if you have experience with this ale.

They don’t have the best web presence and their website feels pretty limited, so finding additional information about this product was challenging. Remember, only one of their beers is brewed gluten free, so stick to the Honey Beer if you see them in stores.

Did I miss anyone? Any newbies on the scene that should be on this list?

Let us know.


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