New Planet Pale Ale

New Planet Brewery Review

Gluten Free Beer Brewed in Colorado

Here we are with New Planet’s second gluten free offering. A few weeks back we reviewed the Blonde Ale, and this week we are tasting the Pale Ale.

New Planet recently reformulated this brew (both of them actually) to remove sorghum from the ingredient list. So if you’ve tried New Planet before and weren’t a fan, now is the time to give them a second shot. See if you like this one, which is brewed with millet, oats, and corn.

The Taste Test

New Planet Pale Ale

This beer has a crystal clear golden orange color. It’s so clear, I could read the newspaper through it. The head is light, but develops into a silky film of bubbles that continue to hug the glass for some time.

The New Planet Pale Ale has a heavy caramel taste to me. It also has a very smokey quality. It’s not very bitter, but it’s quite sweet. This pale utilizes Sterling and Cascade hops and is rated at 35 IBU. The lingering flavor is not my favorite…I’d love to have more bitterness to balance out the sweet. Without it, I feel like the candy syrup taste lingers instead. (Edit: I received a note from New Planet about this particular batch of Pale Ale…they said that this batch got under-hopped, and that I should expect future batches to be more hoppy.)

This is great news for me. You know my attitude…bring on the hops…all the hops! Perhaps I’ll have to give this one another try later.

This ale has a 5.3% ABV and is available in 6-packs of 12 ounce bottles. They are brewed in Colorado, so if you are anywhere in the midwest, keep your eye out for New Planet’s reformulated brews. Especially if you dislike sorghum…because New Planet decided to ditch it!

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1 year ago

Where can I buy a new planet pale ale in the Boston area. Thank you

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