Gluten Free Beer Review: Lakefront Brewery New Grist Pilsner

Lakefront Brewery New Grist Pilsner

Our First Lakefront Brewery Review

Brewed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Another new addition to our growing beer review library! This time, it’s Lakefront Brewery out of Wisconsin. They make 2 gluten free beers. The New Grist Pilsner and the New Grist Ginger Ale. Both beers are brewed with 100% gluten free ingredients and are therefore safe for any level of intolerance.

Gluten Free Beer Review: Lakefront Brewery New Grist Pilsner

The New Grist Pilsner will be the topic of review today. It was first released in 2005 and apparently, was the first to be granted federal approval to brew a gluten free beer. Its only ingredients are water, rice, sorghum, hops, and gluten-free yeast grown on molasses. I can’t say I’m tickled by the ingredients, but this is a Pilsner after all, so I will calm my hop-head and give it a fair shot.

Gluten Free Beer Review: Lakefront Brewery New Grist Pilsner

The Taste Test

New Grist Pilsner

The New Grist Pilsner pours a golden yellow with a thin head that dissolves quickly, but the bubbles remain…a very audibly fizzy pilsner-style ale. It has that snap-crackly-pop sound even 10 minutes after the pour as I write this. By the way, the video of the pour can be spotted on the @glutenfreebeers Instagram.

The light-bodied 5.1 ABV ale smells lightly of fruit…tart fruit. But besides that, the aroma is mild as session ales often are. This beer is extremely clear. So clear that you can read the label straight through it!

Gluten Free Beer Review: Lakefront Brewery New Grist Pilsner

Okay, enough babbling…time for a taste.

This pilsner is fruity, again–not in an overly sweet way, but in a mildly sweet & tart sort of way. It tastes crisp, sharp even. But also has a malty background taste that lingers longer than the crispness. The malty quality isn’t my favorite part of this brew, but the longer I sip it, the less it bothers me. (Again…reminding myself that we are reviewing a pilsner…Ha!)

Gluten Free Beer Review: Lakefront Brewery New Grist Pilsner

At the end of the day, if you like Pilsner-style ales and need a completely safe gluten free option, I think you will like this New Grist Pilsner by Lakefront Brewery. If you are not a fan of sorghum brewed beers, this might not be your first go-to. But it’s certainly a drinkable option.

Stand by for the New Grist Ginger Ale review…coming soon!



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3 years ago

I had the Ginger version when I was in Wisconsin last summer, and I definitely preferred that one. It was interesting enough to warrant a few pints, and didn’t carry the pilsner sweetness that I don’t generally care for. But while the normal New Grist is easily found in Seattle, the ginger is rare. Hope to see it more.

Al Kay
2 years ago

This beer is so so so very good for a gluten free beer! I was diagnosed with celiacs seven years ago and at the time I loved beer. It is light, yes but has a bit of hop that gives it a really nice finish. I have tried tons of other gluten free beer and this one is by far my favorite.

1 year ago

Was not a huge fan of this in bottles, but after having it on draft at Summerfest and at the brewery, it’s one of my favorites. Completely different on draft.

8 months ago
Reply to  Lindsi Kay

Cleaner, fresher, without any bitterness.

9 months ago

This is the only gluten free beer my little grocery store sells. After having to drive over an hour to find a selection I finally tried this. If you need a perfectly safe gluten free beer and like a light one this is an excellent option. I now prefer it to the other sorghum beers which are often heavier and more hoppy than I want.

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