beer on the porch gluten free beer dates

Gluten Free Beer Dates With Friends…Yes, please!

beer on the porch gluten free beer dates

Last night I had a brilliant idea. I live with a woman named Katrina. Like me, Katrina is also gluten free. And here’s a shocker…she also loves beer! On warm summer evenings, we often enjoy a drink from our backyard hammocks while watching the sun set behind the trees. I love that time a day. The warm glow of the fading light, the soft sounds of wildlife emerging after mid-day heat, and the peaceful realization that you’re done working for the day. With a gluten free beer or glass of wine in hand, we rock away our day’s stresses in the gentle evening breeze.

My Idea Was Born…

gluten free beer reviews dates
Katrina and her brother Mike.

So last night, while partaking in this warm weather tradition, I had an idea. Gluten free beer dates. I proposed that the following night, the two of us should go to the store and each pick up a gluten free beer we’ve never tried before. We’ll return home to enjoy them in our incredible backyard and once finished, we will write a short review of the beer we tried. We will then publish it for you all to see!

This may not be the most original of ideas, but it will lead to more frequent reviews from a variety of perspectives on this site. Not to mention, it brings friends, family, or roommates together to relax and share their day with one another. We even made a deal with ourselves: No going back to the store for another beer experiment until we’ve completed the review for the last one. That’s right…incentive. (We all know it’s necessary sometimes, especially after a long work day and a cocktail.)

Join us on our gluten free beer dates!

It occurred to me this morning that this plan can include you too! We encourage you to join us in this gluten free beer experiment. Grab a friend and help us find the best gluten free beers out there! We would love it if you shared your feedback with us too, whether it be through a comment on the blog, or by submitting a full review for us to consider for publication. (If you’d like an example of one of our reviews, check this one out: Gluten Free Beer Review: Omission IPA.) This genius experiment begins tonight. I can’t wait for her to get home. Beer awaits!


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