Gluten Free Beer Review: Ghostfish Brewing Grapefruit IPA

Ghostfish Brewing Grapefruit IPA

A Grapefruit IPA From Seattle

Ghostfish Brewing Company

Todays review is of the Ghostfish Brewing Grapefruit IPA, a gold metal winner at last year’s US Beer Open (and Bronze at the Great American Beer Festival). This is the first time I’ve gotten my hands on this beer, so it’s time to see if it lives up to the hype.

Gluten Free Beer Review: Ghostfish Brewing Grapefruit IPA

I would love to go visit Ghostfish Brewery in person. Besides being a 100% gluten free dedicated facility (bonus points!), they also have a taproom and gastropub–all 100% gluten free.

There aren’t many places in the country where Celiacs can go have a full-on brewery experience without the anxiety associated with threat of contamination. Not to mention being able to look at a menu and know there’s nothing you can’t have. Remember that feeling? I’m beginning to forget…


The Taste Test

Grapefruit IPA

The Grapefruit IPA hits the glass. I try to pour it super gently but it still forms a substantial head. It has a cloudy–but vibrant orange hue, and when I take a whiff…it smells like I’m sticking my head in a bag of fresh citrusy hops. Between that and the grapefruit twang…the aroma on this ale is fantastic. It has me excited to take a sip.

Gluten Free Beer Review: Ghostfish Brewing Grapefruit IPA

To be completely honest, I typically am not one for beers brewed with fruit. I usually prefer to rely on fruity hops for those characteristics, as I’m not a big fan of sweet beers unless they’re heavy bodied and dessert-like. But I’m going to give this a fair shot, because lets be real here…grapefruit isn’t exactly sweet and I’m an IPA freak. Ok. On to it…

I had to take a couple sips of this one before my mouth could sort out all the flavors I was experiencing. The most dominate in my opinion is the grapefruit. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing. The tartness it imparts has this way of drying out the texture of the beer, accentuating the bitter profile of the hops. It’s really quite enjoyable.

Gluten Free Beer Review: Ghostfish Brewing Grapefruit IPA


Like all the Ghostfish beers I’ve tried in the past, the Grapefruit IPA is jam packed with flavor. I highly recommend it for the grapefruit-lovers out there, and also for anyone who loves citrusy IPAs. The hop profile is extremely citrusy. I could tell from the first whiff.

This ale has a medium body and a pleasant carbonation level. Very hoppy, very bitter. And I wasn’t kidding about the dryness. Drinking this ale actually makes me feel a little thirsty. Not actually a bad thing for me, as I never drink enough water. 

I would drink this beer all summer. I mean, come on. It’s a delicious 5.5% ABV citrus IPA served in 12 oz. cans. They’re perfect for camping and river floats…if you can handle that 85 IBU. ;)




P.S. More to come from Ghostfish Brewing!



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