Ghostfish Brewing Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Ale

Ghostfish Brewing Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Ale

The Hibiscus-Cranberry Gosefish

Brewed by Ghostfish Brewing

This is a pretty special review. Why? Because this Gosefish is the first GF Gose I’ve ever gotten my hands on. First of all, many of you gluten free-ers may be wondering…what exactly is a Gose ale.

Gose ― pronounced like goes with an “uh” at the end ― is an ancient wheat beer style with a sour finish that hails from Goslar, Germany. Though it’s no longer brewed in Goslar, Gose owes its salty flavor to the high salinity of the river Gose, which was originally used to brew the beer.

Ghostfish Brewing Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Ale

Goses are characterized by their sour and salty flavor. Needless to say, this is a style not often attempted by gluten free brewers. A typical Gose contains at least a 50% grain bill of malted barley. Quite the quest to turn this into a gluten free-from-scratch creation.

The 2017 Taste Test

Hibiscus Cranberry Gose

It pours a crystal clear ruby red color. You can read the Gosefish bottle through the brew.  Its head evaporated quickly after I poured it. The aroma is sharp, tart and fruity. Mmmm…smells like summer!

Ghostfish Brewing Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Ale
2017 Gosefish

This Gosefish brings me back to Mexico, where they drink homemade Hibiscus iced teas on the regular. I feel like it’s not as common in the States, but the hibiscus and cranberry notes in this Gosefish are delightful! It’s flavor has a soft sweetness but is dominated by sour and salty characteristics. The saltiness makes me feel like I’m near the ocean. (I’m actually 4,000 feet up in the high desert, so I obviously have quite the imagination.)

This Ghostfish Brewing creation is brewed with a combination of malted millet, malted rice, and quinoa grains. It also contains coriander, which is typical of the Gose style. It’s a very unique beer…probably one of those ales that fall in the “you either love it, or you hate it” category. In my case, I LOVE IT. I would happily drink this sour all summer.

Ghostfish Brewing Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Ale
2017 Gosefish

It’s available during the summer in 22 ounce bottles, or by growler fill. If you consider yourself a salt–or sour lover, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on this brew. It’s a one-of-a-kind in my opinion. Well done Ghostfish Brewing…you conquered yet another challenging style of wheat beer–the gluten free way. You deserve a Gosefish!

But with another year comes another batch of Gose…

Keep reading for the 2018 review!

Ghostfish Brewing Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Ale
2018 Gosefish

The 2018 Taste Test

Another Year Around The Sun

A year has gone by since I last reviewed Ghostfish Brewing’s Gosefish. I figure it’s time to pop open a bottle of this year’s seasonal to compare. Now I can’t exactly taste them side by side for a true comparison since last year’s batch is long gone, but I will do my best!

Right away I notice the pour is very different than last year. The 2018 Gosefish has a cloudy pink color, whereas last years was clear and bright. You can’t see through this year’s Gose at all, which contrasts from my prior experience with this beer. It’s head–or lack thereof–does mirror last year’s brew though. I’m not noticing much of a change there.

2017 vs. 2018 Compared

I’m going to be totally honest here. This 2018 Gosefish hasn’t quite won me over the way last year’s did. It’s different. I had hoped for more sour this year, but instead I feel like it’s a little less sour and also a bit less salty. Hmm.

It’s still a light and refreshing brew to pop open on a hot day, but the flavors just aren’t as well defined as last year. The crispness isn’t quite the same because the flavors seem a little muddled. It’s fruity, very fruity. But it doesn’t have that sour quality that makes your tongue stick to the roof of the mouth, you know? In fact, it’s more tart than sour.

Ghostfish Brewing Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Ale
2018 Gosefish

Over the years, recipes can change, or brewing processes can be altered. I DO know that Ghostfish is sourcing their cranberries from a different farm this year, but I don’t quite think that’s the change I’m detecting. What do YOU think of this year’s Gose? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment them below.






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