gluten free pale ale

Departed Soles Brewing None Shall Path Pale Ale

Departed Soles Brewing None Shall Path Pale Ale

Gluten Free In New Jersey

Today I have another gluten free beer from Departed Soles Brewing Co., based in New Jersey. It’s the None Shall Path Pale Ale. Peek my first couple reviews of theirs to get the details on their brewing practices, including the precautions they take to avoid cross contamination in their brewery.

This Departed Soles Brewing pale ale is packaged in 12 ounce cans, and like all their beers, sports an insanely unique label design. This one depicts a bizarre subway scene complete with a skeleton, an octopus, a tie-wearing bird, and a variety of colorful clothed aliens. Yep.

The None Shall Path Pale Ale is brewed with organic millet and organic quinoa. I’ve noticed that Departed Soles brews with a lot of quinoa, which I really like. I think quinoa gives a beautiful and clean nutty character to the malt profile.

Be the way, despite following my normal wash routine, the glass in this pour turned out not to be beer clean…sorry about that!

The Taste Test

None Shall Path Pale Ale

This None Shall Path Pale Ale pours with a short head that departs quickly but leaves behind of ring of lasting bubbles in its absence. It has a vibrant tiger orange color, particularly when held up to a light source.

This pale has a wonderful citrus-heavy nose to it. There’s a little spice in the aroma too. The aroma is perfectly reflected in the taste, but with some significant floral flavors thrown in. (To be fair, that probably means the aroma shares the floral qualities…I just struggle with smelling flowers.)

The carbonation seems perfect. It provides the beer’s texture with the perfect amount of zippiness to balance the body, and as I drink it, I notice a bit of the spice character warming my throat too.

The hop profile is the most noticeable through the tasting experience, but when you look for it, the malt presentation is smooth. It gives the beer just enough body to coat your mouth wonderfully, and the perfect amount to consistently showcase the hop characteristics throughout the full flavor experience.

There’s a fair amount of bitterness to this pale ale. It’s not at all overpowering, but it does maintain a consistent presence, even after the swallow. The bitterness hits early, wraps the tongue and almost hangs out there more than it does in the throat.

gluten free pale ale

The None Shall Path Pale Ale is a wonderfully interesting pale. Pales are often over-shadowed by their popular siblings, the louder, bolder, sharper IPAs. But this particular pale stands tall on its own. It has so much character and depth to both the flavor and the texture, that I’m starting to bum hard that I only have one of these! Ha! Not the worst problem to have…

Be sure to get caught up on my recent Departed Soles reviews, including the Bumper Hops IPA, and the GoodbIPA. More reviews for some of their darker offerings on the way!

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