Moonshrimp Brewing Chocolate Spice Ale

Gluten Free Beer Review: Moonshrimp Brewing Chocolate Spice Ale

Review of Single Batch Release #2 Brewed By Moonshrimp Brewing Want to know how I got my hands on this beer? I (kindly) harassed my local natural food stores until they stocked it. It works. Try it. No seriously, you know what people in charge of making purchasing orders for beer departments like? When the customer … Read more Moonshrimp Brewing Chocolate Spice Ale

Ground Breaker Route 20 IPA

gluten free beer review ground breaker brewing route 20 ipa

Route 20 IPA Gluten Free Beer Review A Seasonal Treat From Ground Breaker   This IPA has a beautiful, rich reddish-orange color. It has a light head that actually sticks around for awhile. If you would like to see a video of the pour, check out the @glutenfreebeers Instagram. The beer is clear and easy to gaze through in … Read more Ground Breaker Route 20 IPA

Ground Breaker Squash Ale

ground breaker brewing squash ale beer review

The Squash Ale by Ground Breaker 300 Pounds Of Squash! I finally found time to give the Squash Ale from Ground Breaker Brewing a try! And it couldn’t be better timed, as my local temperatures begin to drop into the single digits…I’m definitely in need of dark fall brew. This Squash Ale was released as a … Read more Ground Breaker Squash Ale