Gluten Free Beer vs. Gluten Reduced Beer: Here’s The Deal

The difference between gluten free and gluten reduced beers - best gluten free beer

Gluten Free Beer Vs. Gluten Reduced Beer What’s the difference? As you peruse the colorful shelves of your local market’s gluten free beer/cider section, you may notice that some bottles bare the fine print label “gluten reduced” or “crafted to remove gluten”. If you are someone who abstains from gluten for serious health reasons, you may want to … Read more

Eating Out: A Celiac’s Nightmare

eating out gluten free

A Day In The Life Of A Celiac If you are gluten free, you undoubtably know what it’s like to truly miss certain foods. We acknowledge these pangs of desire often. (I’ll even admit to sniffing my friend’s beers when we go out for drinks.) But what about all of the other things we say goodbye to … Read more

Going Gluten Free: The Choice That Saved My Life

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How Going Gluten Free Has Changed My Life   Why did I start this blog? Well…two reasons. Firstly, I am a proud beer lover, and secondly, I am a Celiac. Fortunately–or unfortunately–depending on how you look at it, I enjoyed the wonderful glutenous taste of real beer for many years before I came to understand … Read more

What Is Gluten? Is it bad for you?

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Clearing Up The Haze Around Gluten Free The term ‘gluten free’ is thrown around frequently these days. First thing’s first…What is gluten? You see the word used in restaurants, grocery stores, and media outlets. You read it on food labels, advertisements, and the internet. Many of you may already be eating gluten free yourself. However, there are thousands … Read more