Gluten Free Beer Review: Burning Brothers Roasted Coffee Strong Ale

Burning Brothers Roasted Coffee Strong Ale

This One’s For The Coffee Lovers

Roasted Coffee Ale By Burning Brothers Brewing

I am happy to bring you another staple from the Burning Brothers Brewing lineup. This week we’ll be reviewing the Burning Brothers Roasted Coffee Strong Ale. My first question…what exactly is a strong ale?

I googled it. The answers I found seemed to indicate it was an ale with a high ABV that didn’t fit into any other standard categories. Not a very precise answer, so I’m open to learning more if any of you can provide a better understanding.

Anyway, let’s get back to the beer. This is our second review of Burning Brothers Brewing. A few weeks back we sampled the Pyro American Pale Ale, another one of their year round offerings.

FUN FACT: The Roasted Coffee Strong Ale apparently won third place in a mainstream brewing competition, and the judges didn’t even know that it was gluten free! 


The Taste Test

Roasted Coffee Strong Ale

This is a single hop beer blended with cold brew coffee. They avoid heating the coffee so that the bitter oils remain undisturbed, keeping the coffee’s bitterness from dominating the brew.

The Roasted Coffee Strong Ale pours a deep and rich reddish brown. It foams beautifully. It’s actually kind of ridiculous. I poured it gently, it formed a lovely head…and now that head is going nowhere. Seriously, 5 minutes in and I swear it’s just increasing.

It’s aroma is enticing…in fact, I can tell from the bitter coffee notes that I am going to like this brew. I take my first sip, and the beer foam-stache is unavoidable. I look like I could be an ad for the beer version of “got milk?” The bubbles are just so thick and creamy…I can’t stop obsessing over how perfect it foams. I don’t think I’ve seen a head this nice since my glutenous beer drinking days.

The taste is an explosion of bitter and sweet. It’s a very flavorful ale, but somehow it still tastes balanced. I see now what they were referring to when they explained the use of cold brew coffee vs. hot. The flavor profile is shockingly smooth and easy-drinking.

After experiencing the flavor of this brew, I’ve got to say…Minnesota is on par with many of our west coast options. For real. (Well…Burning Brothers is at least!) This is a delicious beer. Not surprised at all that it held up against the glutenous beers in that beer competition.


Wow…the gluten free beer world sure has come a long way in recent years…


Until next week!




P.S. The head is still frothy and plentiful. It’s carbonation magic!

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Bill Lutterbein
Bill Lutterbein
3 years ago

I’m wishing we had a better selection of GF beers here in the Central Valley of California. Our Local Bevmo only has about six or so and they are not the best. I was at Burning Brothers a couple of weeks ago. Tried six beers in a tasting flight and this was one of them. There was not a bad one in the six! I think it is only available in a handful of states near Minnesota.

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