Gluten Free Beer Review: Burning Brothers Brewing Raj-Agni IPA

Burning Brothers Brewing “Raj-Agni” IPA

An IPA From Burning Brothers

The “Raj-Agni” India Pale Ale

This is our third review of Burning Brothers Brewing out of Minnesota. It also was the most eventful…as you will see below. Today’s beer up for review is the Raj-Agni India Pale Ale. The name of this beer had me curious about its origin, so I looked it up:

“Raj” refers to the British sovereignty in India
“Agni” represents the Hindu god of fire.
“Raj-Agni” is an adapted version of the historical English style that offers a balanced bitterness with a slight hint of blackstrap molasses.   –

The Taste Test

“Raj-Agni” IPA

Well, THIS was a lively pour. In fact, this is the first BGFB pour to go completely awry. The can of Raj-Agni IPA I opened had been slightly disfigured at the top of the rim where it opens. It wasn’t bad, it just looked like it had been knocked in transit, putting both a dent and a bulge in the upper rim. It sat in my fridge for many days before I opened it, so I assumed it would go fine…

Ha! It exploded like one of those volcano experiments in science class. Caught all on video. I’m sorry, and you’re welcome. ;)

Once I overcame the pouring fiasco I finally got a chance to check out the beer. It is nice and clear, a lovely dark amber color with a *normal* head (once the science experiment is over). It smells crisp and hoppy.

The Burning Brothers Raj-Agni IPA has a powerful and unique flavor to it. It’s somehow both sweet and earthy tasting at the same time. There are carmely undertones and a medium body–which actually feels even heavier than it is when it first hits your palate. It’s hop kick is strong and very floral. This is a single hop brew, utilizing only Cluster hops, which I don’t have any personal experience with. Perhaps that’s why this brew tastes so unique to me.

Like all of the Burning Brothers ales I’ve tried so far, this one packs a punch when it comes to flavor. It’s worth a try for the IPA drinkers out there. Especially if you enjoy the bitter english-style ales. I don’t love it quite as much as I loved their Roasted Coffee Strong Ale, but I would definitely reach for it again.

Until next week!
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