Aurochs Brewing Company Blonde Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

Aurochs Brewing Blonde Ale

Aurochs Brewing Company

Pennsylvania’s Only Dedicated Gluten Free Brewery

This is my first review of Aurochs Brewing Company, apart from the wonderful guest review I published a few months back. As you may have noticed, the east coast is seriously lacking in gluten free breweries. (As my readers confirm daily.) Thank goodness Aurochs is there to help fill that void. Tonight I’m tasting the Aurochs Blonde Ale, which is sold in 12 oz. bottles.

Aurochs Brewing Company Blonde Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

Aurochs bottles two different gluten free beers, the Blonde Ale and the Session IPA. If you check out their website, you’ll notice they have as many as 10 different brews listed, but not clearly labeled by season or availability.

Many gluten free beers these days are brewed with 3 or 4 types of grain, but this one only has two. Millet and quinoa, and in that order. I must say…quinoa seems to create amazing beer. You may have noticed Ground Breaker’s head brewer make a similar statement in the online brew tour while answering questions about homebrewing. This blonde is also brewed with orange peel and coriander. The hops are a blend of Saaz and Amarillo.

Aurochs Brewing Company Blonde Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

The Taste Test

Aurochs Blonde Ale

This beer poured nicely, with a cloudy bright yellow color and a head that grew, then shrunk, then reformed as I tapped away at my keyboard. I’m reminded of the snap-crackle-pop of Rice Krispes. It’s a very audible beer.

My first sip shocked me! This is the most fruity blonde I’ve ever tasted. It’s citrus qualities are significant but so are the tropical tones. It’s not particularly sweet. This blonde ale is crisp to start and gentle to finish. It’s quite complex, and goes down very smooth. There is a bit of tartness present too.

Aurochs Brewing Company Blonde Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

I find myself consuming this beer quite quickly, which would lead me to suggest that it’s great for hot weather. It was nearly 100 degrees in Bend today…so the thirst is strong in this gluten free girl. The Aurochs Blonde Ale clocks in at 4.59% ABV, so it’s a nice mild brew.

You all know by now that I’m not much of a blonde ale person, but I’ve found myself (actually) enjoying several of the gluten free blondes I’ve reviewed in recent months. Be sure to check out my other recent blonde review. I’ll link to them at the end of this article.

Damn…I just have to comment on these tropical flavors again. They are very strong, and since the beer is extremely low on the bitterness scale (only 13 IBU), the fruit really takes the stage here. I also enjoy the texture, and find the body on the heavier side of the light-body range. (If that makes any sense.) There is however, a very slight presence of bitterness towards the end of the swallow. I didn’t notice it at first. It fades quickly and does not linger, but it’s there.

Aurochs Brewing Company Blonde Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

I recommend getting your hands on some Aurochs beer if you’re based on the East coast, particularly if you’re in their Pennsylvania distribution network. I have one more review coming for their Session IPA. But if you’ve been lucky enough to visit the taproom in person, I bet you’ve had the opportunity to taste many more styles, and I would LOVE to hear what you think of them! Perhaps leave your comment below this article for all to see? Thanks! ;)


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