Moonshrimp Brewing Blood Orange Hazy IPA

Moonshrimp Brewing Blood Orange Hazy IPA Dedicated Gluten Free Hazy From Oregon Today I’m reviewing the Blood Orange Hazy IPA brewed by Moonshrimp Brewing in Portland Oregon. Moonshrimp is a small dedicated oat and gluten free brewery in the Pacific Northwest. They’ve been around for a long time, but many of you may not know … Read more

Moonshrimp Brewing Gose

gluten free gose beer

Gluten Free Salted Kettle Sour Brewed by Moonshrimp Brewing Here’s an exciting new special release from Moonshrimp Brewing in Portland, Oregon…a gluten free Gose! This salted kettle sour includes “lots of hibiscus and a little lime” and has a 5.9% ABV. It’s brewed in a dedicated gluten-free and oat-free facility, so it’s safe for any … Read more

Moonshrimp Brewing Citrus Mosaic Hazy IPA

Moonshrimp Brewing Citrus Mosaic Hazy IPA Gluten Free Beer Review

A Brand New Seasonal From Moonshrimp 100% Gluten Free Beer Brewed in Portland, Oregon I learned about this beer directly from Dan, the owner and brewer of Moonshrimp Brewing. It’s called the Citrus Mosaic Hazy IPA, a summer seasonal from Portland Oregon. He let me know that one of my local markets had already ordered … Read more

Moonshrimp + Bierly Brewing Collaboration Dubbel

bierly brewing moonshrimp brewing collaboration dubbel ale

A Collaboration Dubbel By Moonshrimp Brewing + Bierly Brewing Hey beer lovers! Here’s a fact…I love it when gluten free breweries collaborate. Even more…I love it when dedicated gluten free breweries collabeerate. The beer I’ll be reviewing today is a Dubbel Ale by the joint forces of Moonshrimp Brewing and Bierly Brewing. Both are based … Read more

Moonshrimp Brewing’s Theia – A Solar Eclipse Ale Wine

Solar Eclipse Theia Ale Wine Brewed by Moonshrimp Brewing

The Theia Solar Eclipse Ale Wine By Moonshrimp Brewing I’m a couple weeks late publishing this review (sorry Dan!) because I am writing from the road. My boyfriend and I recently embarked on a 3 month road trip across Mexico. We are traveling in our van, accompanied by my Golden Retriever, Neela. As I write … Read more

Fairy Food Ale By Moonshrimp Brewing + Brewed By Gnomes

Fairy Food Ale By Moonshrimp Brewing + Brewed By Gnomes

Moonshrimp Brewing And Brewed By Gnomes Collaborate Organic Hopped Honeysuckle Ale Do you remember a few months ago when I travelled to Portland to visit Moonshrimp Brewing and record a brew tour? It was a special day because I got to watch the brewmasters of Moonshrimp Brewing and Brewed By Gnomes team up to brew … Read more