Moonshrimp Brewing Dark Pale Ale

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Moonshrimp Brewing: First Review! Negative Space Dark Pale Ale This is the first review of Moonshrimp Brewing to surface on this blog. They are a brand new gluten free brewery based in Portland Oregon. Moonshrimp is now distributing 22 oz. bottles to stores in the Pacific Northwest, and they have a drive-through window in Portland where they … Read moreMoonshrimp Brewing Dark Pale Ale

Moonshrimp Brewing Opens For Business: 100% Gluten Free Beer

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Another Gluten Free Brewery Opens in Portland, OR Woohoo! I am excited to announce some news I just received…Moonshrimp Brewing LLC is now open and operational in Portland, Oregon. This makes Portland home to TWO gluten free breweries. (Ground Breaker Brewing is the other…and boy is it delicious.)   Moonshrimp Brewing 100% Gluten Free Beer A quick look … Read moreMoonshrimp Brewing Opens For Business: 100% Gluten Free Beer