(Sortable) Gluten Free Beer List

A Gluten Free Beer List That You Can Organize Your Way

We’ve compiled a comprehensive (and sortable!) gluten free beer list, including:

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  • Name
  • Style
  • Alcohol Percentage (when available)
  • Location
  • Notes

Keep in mind that there is a difference between gluten free beers and gluten reduced beers. Particularly for those with full-blown Celiac’s Disease. For more information about the difference between them, take a look at this article Gluten Free vs. Gluten Reduced: Here’s The Deal

* Notates beer is gluten-reduced. (Originally brewed with gluten ingredients)


(Sortable) Gluten Free Beer List

Last Updated: January 2016
Gluten Free/Reduced
Alcohol Percentage
Alpenglow Beer CompanyBuck WildPale AleGluten FreeCalifornia, USA6%
Anaheuser-BuschRedbridgeLagerGluten FreeUSA4%brewed from sorghum
Bard's Tale BeerDragon's GoldFruitGluten FreeMinnesota, USA4.30%made from malted sorghum, America's first GF craft beer
Brewery Rickoli *Aldo RedRedGluten ReducedColorado, USA
Brewery Rickoli *Black Irish Dry StoutStoutGluten ReducedColorado, USA
Brewery Rickoli *Disturbed Reflection Imperial IPAIPAGluten ReducedColorado, USA9.70%
Brewery Rickoli *Elke Brown AleBrownGluten ReducedColorado, USA
Brewery Rickoli *Enormous RichardCreamGluten ReducedColorado, USA8.60%double strength!
Brewery Rickoli *Hop Session IPAIPAGluten ReducedColorado, USAfull body, hoppy flavor
Brewery Rickoli *Meh!CreamGluten ReducedColorado, USA
Brewery Rickoli *MonolithStoutGluten ReducedColorado, USA12%
Brewery Rickoli *Old Rickoli BarleywineBarleywineGluten ReducedColorado, USA11.50%barrel aged
Brewery Rickoli *Rickoli's Rye StoutStoutGluten ReducedColorado, USA
Brewery Rickoli *Riiiiiiight?SummerGluten ReducedColorado, USAwith rye and caraway!
Brewery Rickoli *Social Lubricant Scotch AleScotchGluten ReducedColorado, USA8%
Brewery Rickoli *The Black PlineIPAGluten ReducedColorado, USA9.80%imperial black IPA
Brewery Rickoli *Thrilla in VanillaStoutGluten ReducedColorado, USArye stout with vanilla
Brewery Rickoli *Totally Eye-P-AIPAGluten ReducedColorado, USA
Burning Brothers BrewingAmerican Pale AlePaleGluten FreeMinnesota, USAAmerican twist on English bitter
Burning Brothers BrewingRoasted Coffee AleCoffeeGluten FreeMinnesota, USAcoffee mixed with Cascading hops
Burning Brothers BrewingIndia Pale AleIPAGluten FreeMinnesota, USAmedium hoopy flavor, floral malt, trace of citrus
Burning Brothers BrewingPyro APA InfusionsAPAGluten FreeMinnesota, USAflavors include Lime Shandy, Orange Blossom, Raspberry, Tart Cherry, and Peach
CoorsPeakLagerGluten FreeColorado, USAa naturally gluten free ale
Dogfish Head BreweryTweason'aleSeasonalGluten FreeDelaware, USAbrewed from sorghum, strawberry notes, malty buckwheat honey
Duck Foot BrewingThe ContenderIPAGluten ReducedCalifornia, USA6.50%
Duck Foot BrewingThe LookerBlondeGluten ReducedCalifornia, USA5%
Duck Foot BrewingRojoeRedGluten ReducedCalifornia, USA5.60%
Duck Foot BrewingChoco-nut-lustPorterGluten ReducedCalifornia, USA5.90%
Duck Foot BrewingDuckzilla (Double White)IPAGluten ReducedCalifornia, USA8.60%
Epic Brewing CompanyGlutenatorFruitGluten FreeUtah, USA6.90%aromas of hops and sweet potatoes
Ghostfish Brewing CompanyGrapefruit IPAIPAGluten FreeSeattle, USA*Available in 4-packs of 12 oz cans*
Ghostfish Brewing CompanyWatchstanderStoutGluten FreeSeattle, USA*Available in 22 oz glass bombers*
Ghostfish Brewing CompanyVanishing PointPaleGluten FreeSeattle, USA*Available in 4-packs of 16 oz cans*
Ghostfish Brewing CompanyShrouded SummitWitbierGluten FreeSeattle, USA*Available in 4-packs of 16 oz cans*
Greenview BrewingAlt Brew Farmhouse AleSaisonGluten FreeWisconsin, USAslightly bitter, apple notes
Ground Breaker Brewing (Formerly Harvester Brewing)Dark AleDarkGluten FreePortland, ORroasted chestnuts, notes of chocolate and dark fruit
Ground Breaker Brewing (Formerly Harvester Brewing)IPA No.5IPAGluten FreePortland, OR
Ground Breaker Brewing (Formerly Harvester Brewing)Pale AlePaleGluten FreePortland, OR
Ground Breaker Brewing (Formerly Harvester Brewing)OlallieFruitGluten FreePortland, OR
Holidaily Brewing Co.Favorite BlondeBlondeGluten FreeColorado, USA5%Pale Millet, Pale Buckwheat and Munich Millet supplied locally by Grouse Malting and Roasting, Wellington, CO
Ipswich Ale BreweryCelia SaisonSaisonGluten FreeMassachusetts, USAbrewed from sorghum, orange peels, and Celia hops creating spicy tones
James Page BreweryA CapellaPaleGluten FreeWisconsin, USA5.50%English-style hops
Joseph James Brewing Co.Fox Tail AlePaleGluten FreeNevada, USAhas citrus notes and is light bodied
Lakefront BreweryNew Grist GingerGingerGluten FreeWisconsin, USA
Lakefront BreweryNew GristPilsnerGluten FreeWisconsin, USAbrewed from sorghum
Minhas Craft BreweryNGBLagerGluten FreeWisconsin, USA4.00%
Moonshrimp BrewingNegative Space: Dark Pale AlePaleGluten FreePortland, ORRich hop finishing flavor and medium full body with a some dark fruit notes on top. 40 IBU
Moonshrimp BrewingStarlight White: White AleGluten FreePortland, ORlight summery beer with a touch of crisp sweetness rounded out with coriander and citrus notes 25 IBU
Moonshrimp BrewingOne Small Step: IPAIPAGluten FreePortland, OR6.90%rich hop flavor favoring those northwest favorites like Chinook and Cascade hops 62 IBU
New PlanetAmber AleAmberGluten FreeColorado, USAcaramel notes, hints of citrus
New PlanetBelgian AleBelgianGluten FreeColorado, USAsubtle spice and honey notes
New PlanetBlonde AleBlondeGluten FreeColorado, USAnotes of honey, floral aroma
New PlanetTread Lightly AleBlondeGluten ReducedColorado, USA5%
New PlanetSeclusion IPAIPAGluten ReducedColorado, USA4.90%
New PlanetBrown AleBrownGluten FreeColorado, USAcoffe and chocolate flavor, cinnamon and vanilla notes
New PlanetPale AlePaleGluten FreeColorado, USAboldly hoop, rich caramel and grapefruit notes
New PlanetRaspberry AleFruitGluten FreeColorado, USAbrewed with natural raspberry puree and orange peel
Omission Beer *Omission IPAIPAGluten ReducedPortland, ORoriginal IPA style, aromas of pine, citrus, and grapefruit
Omission Beer *Omission Pale AlePaleGluten ReducedPortland, ORcaramel malt body, floral aroma
Omission Beer *Omission LagerLagerGluten ReducedPortland, ORtraditional lager style
Ramapo Valley BreweryHoney BeerLagerGluten FreeNew York, USAalso Kosher certifies for Passover!
Sprecher BreweryMbegeFruitGluten FreeWisconsin, USAbrewed with sorghum, millet, and real bananas
Sprecher BreweryShakparoShakparoGluten FreeWisconsin, USAWest African style beer, brewed with sorghum and millet
Steadfast Beer Co.Sorghum Pale AlePaleGluten FreeNew York, USAnotes of burnt sugar, bread, caramel, and molasses
Stone Brewing Co.*Delicious IPAIPAGluten ReducedCalifornia, USAlemon candy-like flavor that’s balanced by hop spice
Two Brothers Brewing Co. *Prairie Path Golden AleGoldenGluten ReducedIllinois, USA
GlutenbergBlondeBlondeGluten FreeCanadadry and citrusy
GlutenbergAmerican Pale AlePaleGluten FreeCanadamild bitter finish, citrus and caramel tones
GlutenbergRedRedGluten FreeCanadaroasted chestnuts and caramel hints
GlutenbergBelgian DoubleBelgianGluten FreeCanada6.50%spicy notes
Les bieres de la Nouvelle-FranceLa MessagerePaleGluten FreeCanadabouquet of honey, touch of citrus
Les bieres de la Nouvelle-FranceLa Messagere MilletLagerGluten FreeCanadamalted millet lager
Les bieres de la Nouvelle-FranceLa Messagere RedRedGluten FreeCanadabrewed with rice and buckwheat
Snowman Brewing Co.No Fool For Trying Honey Lavender IPAIPAGluten FreeCanadanotes of honey, bread, and lemon
Snowman Brewing Co.Pail AlePaleGluten FreeCanadahints of wood, citrus, and grapefruit
Snowman Brewing Co.Top Hat AleAmberGluten FreeCanadaEnglish style amber, hints of fruit, biscuits, and earth
Snowman Brewing Co.Who's That Brown AleBrownGluten FreeCanadanotes of caramel, coffee, cocoa, nut, and toffee
Allendale Brew Company LtdGluten Free Pale AlePaleGluten FreeEuropeAmerican and Australian hops
Damm S.A.*Estrella Damm DauraLagerGluten ReducedEurope
Damm S.A.*DAURA MärzenDouble MaltedGluten ReducedEurope
Glebe FarmNight MissionBitterGluten FreeEuropetraditional British bitter
Green'sAmberAmberGluten FreeEuropebottle re-fermented amber ale
Green'sBlondeBlondeGluten FreeEuropebottle re-fermented Belgian classic
Green'sDark AleDarkGluten FreeEuropebottle re-fermented dark ale
Green'sDiscoveryAmberGluten FreeEuropemedium bodied amber ale
Green'sExport Lager LiteLagerGluten FreeEuropelight lager
Green'sGolden AleGoldenGluten FreeEuropefermented ale
Green'sIndia Pale AleIPAGluten FreeEuropebottle re-fermented IPA
Green'sLager Dry HoppedLagerGluten FreeEuropebottle re-fermented pale lager
Green'sPremium PilsPilsnerGluten FreeEuropeclassic Belgian pilsner
Hambleton AlesGFATawnyGluten FreeEuropetawny ale
Hambleton AlesGFLLagerGluten FreeEuropepale lager style
Hop Back BreweryCrop CircleBitterGluten FreeEurope
St. Peter's BreweryG-FreePilsnerGluten FreeEuropePilsner lager style
St. Peter's BreweryG-FreeDarkGluten FreeEuropefull bodied
Wold Top BreweryAgainst The GrainBitterGluten FreeEuropefull flavored bitter
Wold Top BreweryScarborough Fair IPAIPAGluten FreeEuropestrong, triple hopped
Billabong BrewingAustralia's Pale AlePaleGluten FreeAustralia5.10%passion fruit and grapefruit tones prepares for a light floral Cascade & NZ B Saaz hop finish
Billabong BrewingBlondeLagerGluten FreeAustralia4.50%"Low carb lager style" Inspired by Japanese “Third Category” beers, this is a light, crisp, and has some fruity tones
Billabong BrewingGinger BeerGingerGluten FreeAustralia4.50%"Ginger beer...that bites like a tiger."
O'Brien BrewingBlack LagerLagerGluten FreeAustraliacoffee aroma, chocolate flavor, floral and spicy
O'Brien BrewingBrown AleBrownGluten FreeAustraliaEuropean dark ale with deep copper hue, and spicy roasted flavors
O'Brien BrewingLight LagerLagerGluten FreeAustralialow alcohol
O'Brien BrewingPale AlePaleGluten FreeAustraliaAustralia's first commercially produced GF beer, tropical fruit tones
O'Brien BrewingPremium LagerLagerGluten FreeAustraliafull bodied
O'Brien BrewingBelgian AleBelgianGluten FreeAustraliasorghum malts, millet malts, and Belgian candy sugar gives fruity and earthy tones


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