Ground Breaker Johnny Golden Ale

Ground Breaker Brewing’s Johnny

Golden Ale Brewed with Apple Cider & Sterling Hops

5% ABV
27 IBUs

After first introduction, my initial reaction to this cider ale hybrid was a jaw dropping, “Woah!”

When reviewing beers with any sort of fruit added, I’m predictably on guard for sweetness. I found myself taken back by the complementary balance of sterling hops combined with a bold apple cider body. Not sweet whatsoever, but a mildly sour, dry finishing, light ale. Golden in color as in the name, this ale has a slight cidered cloudiness. Johnny releases pleasant aromatic apple fragrances and once the beer begins to warm back to room temperature, additional apple flavors become more pronounced. Generous portions of sterling hops added in the dry hopping process allow this apple cider bodied experimental ale to ensure a perfectly balanced flavor profile for the pallet preferring a slightly tart, sour finishing, dry.

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To the brewers at Ground Breaker on this easy drinking summer seasonal; you out-do yourselves every time. As always, thank you for your delicious innovative contributions to the PNW world of gluten free.

Ground Breaker’s Summary of the Johnny:

Johnny begins with a fermenter filled with apple cider and ale wort. The wort has been custom tailored to bring out the best in the blend by emphasizing the hop flavor and body. Once fermentation is complete Johnny is generously dry-hopped with Sterling hops.


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