Glutenberg White Ale

Glutenberg White Ale

Gluten Free Canadian White

I recently got my hands on–yet another–Glutenberg beer! It’s amazing that I can get nearly every style of Glutenberg beer (brewed in Canada) all the way over here on the west coast, yet I can’t buy beers that are brewed one state over. I’m certainly not complaining about my access to Glutenberg beers, I just recognize the absurdity many of you (or all of you) live with on a daily basis.

Glutenberg White Ale gluten free beer review

Today I’ll be tasting the Glutenberg White Ale, the blue can. A local market of mine sells all Glutenberg beers by-the-can, so I’m not sure if these are typically packaged in 4/6-packs, but I imagine they must be. (Anyone else want to share their observations? Comment below.)

The white ale is one of the last Glutenberg flagships I have left to review on this blog–but there’s still a couple more year-round offering that I have yet to track down. The Glutenberg Stout. And the non-alcoholic blonde. That’s right, Glutenberg makes the only truly gluten free non-alcoholic beer that I know of. (If you know of another one, please share it with me!)

Anyway, let’s get on to tasting this Glutenberg White…

Glutenberg White Ale gluten free beer review

The Taste Test

Glutenberg White Ale

The Glutenberg White has a lively yellow color and an ample head. It has the appearance of a cloudy blonde ale. It’s aroma is bready and it carries a whiff of spice. The head fades out, but a film of small bubbles remains at the top of the glass for some time.

Upon tasting, I find that it carries an interesting texture. It coats your mouth with a velvety smoothness. It feels like a wheat beer does as it flows through your palate. The taste itself does something similar. It is also very soft, but not boring. A light spice of coriander lingers on the palate afterwards. There’s no bitterness. It’s also quite dry. The taste isn’t sweet, but it is pretty flowery.

Glutenberg White Ale gluten free beer review

There is another flavor present in this beer that I can’t quite put my finger on. I’m wondering if it’s coming from the grain profile. The Glutenberg White Ale is brewed with 4 different gluten free grains: buckwheat, millet, amaranth, and quinoa. (This would explain the breadiness I mentioned earlier.) I notice on their website that they single out the amaranth and quinoa as imparting a “noticeably grainy” profile. Perhaps that’s what I’m picking up on.

The Glutenberg White Ale has a 5% ABV and only 13 IBU. It’s a great smooth drinking lighter ale that certainly has enough character and texture to keep your palate interested. If your style of choice (before going gluten free) was witbiers, I would highly recommend checking out this white ale. I think you’ll enjoy it. Keep me updated!

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And one more for good measure…

Glutenberg White Ale gluten free beer review


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