The Glutenator by Epic Brewing

Epic Brewing: The Glutenator Review

ABV: 5.3%

A pleasant sweet and hoppy aroma welcomed my senses as I popped the top of this new gluten free beer up for review. The GLUTENATOR (said in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).

Upon pouring, I noticed the sizable difference in head and carbonation in comparison to other Gluten Free beers we’ve reviewed. This was exciting to see as a proper beer should have at least an inch of head to start out with.

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Experimental Amber Brewed with Sweet Potato and Molasses

A slightly sweeter beer with a mildly bitter finish, the sweet potatoes and molasses combined together remind me of grandma’s sweet potato casserole at thanksgiving…but in a beer. Not like grandma’s casserole however, I noted a mild note of sour sharpness initially.

The hops added are well balanced to the other ingredients; not too hoppy, yet just enough to contribute a mild flavor of American hops. Slightly malty flavors finish with a soft velvety texture on the roof of my mouth, much like molasses does.

glutenator epic brewing company best gluten free beers gluten free beer reviews experimental amberI’ve noticed most GF beers made with sorghum have the brewers struggling to mask the astringent notes it leaves as an after taste which is probably one of the worst experiences (in my opinion) when it comes to gluten free beers. The brewers at Epic Brewing did an excellent job combining hops and sweet grains to the sweet potato/molasses mix leaving a clean, smooth, sorghum-free finish.

I love seeing particles so defined and noted at the bottom of my glass as I finish a beer. This to me signifies small artisanal brewed batches. I would be very interested to know more about the Glutenator’s brewing process; if open fermentation was used, when the sweet potatoes where added and in what form, etc.

Overall, Glutenator was a beer combining many flavor profiles quite fluidly; hoppy, bitter, sweet, sour and malty. I give the brewers at Epic Brewing mad props for pulling off such an innovative and interesting beer consistent from beginning to finish. Regardless of temperature increase, this beer maintained a very leveled taste experience.

Would I buy it again?

Not likely, simply because sweet potato and molasses do not agree with my preferred beer palate. I can definitely see however how many gluten free beer lovers would enjoy this novel innovation.




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