Ghostfish Brewing Pale Ale

Where have you been all my life?!

I have to say, Lindsi and I have been looking forward to reviewing Ghostfish Brewing for a long LONG time but never were able to find them locally. One of the only dedicated Gluten Free Breweries in the country, Ghostfish is quickly becoming well-known for their sterling reputation in the delicious GF brew market. Quite an accomplishment being that the company founded in Seattle is only a few years old. Our brewer friends were kind enough to scoop us up some flavors on their last mini vacation to Seattle and we have been fighting to find a beer date that worked for us both. Lucky for us, that day is today.

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My favorite things…all in one picture. ;)

Vanishing Point Pale Ale

Ghostfish Brewing Company

4.9% ABV
63 IBUs

What an array of fresh, crisp, sweet hoppy aromas upon first introduction. This GF beer actually smells like a regular beer. Upon pouring out of the can, the color is a beautiful golden amber and the head/carbonation level is perfect. I’m already impressed. Even before the first sip. The presentation is beautiful, from the color to the smell, to the design on the can.

ghostfish brewing vanishing point pale ale best gluten free beers reviews seattle washington gluten free breweryThen there was the first sip. What a fresh, pleasant, refreshing beer to drink on such a warm sunny day; a slightly citrus, bright blend of Yakima Valley (WA) hops combines a kick of bitter in front and finishes with just a tinge of sweetness in the back, walking me through the taste experience of exactly what a beer should taste like. Not an experimental gluten free beer…but a traditional, classic American Pale Ale. Gluten Free Beer lovers and all beer lovers for that matter, this is the summer beer of your dreams. The more this Pale Ale warms to room temperature, the more the distinct, sharp, hoppy flavors become more pronounced.

Any preconceived notions of gluten free beers should be reconsidered completely when trying this beer. I’ve never had any GF beers that compares to this all around quality brew. If paired next to a regular Pale Ale, it would take quite a palette to distinguish the differences in the flavors.

In case I wasn’t excited enough about our home-brew…

Even more exciting to find out, the malted millet and buckwheat (don’t worry, buckwheat is a GF ingredient and is oddly enough in the rhubarb family) used in Ghostfish’s beer is from the same company who sponsored our home brew, Grouse Malting & Roasting Co. Thanks again Grouse for providing such high quality gluten free ingredients for all us PNW gluten free beer drinkers. I can taste the delicious blend of malted millet and brown rice backbone with no trace of the distinct astringent flavor of white sorghum.

A beer so tasty from start to finish that I would pay to have it shipped to me. Like a kid finding their favorite ice cream shop, I am more than excited to try every beer Ghostfish has to offer as well as try out the menu at their taproom (which is dog friendly). Each beer description leaves me intrigued by the creative combinations and excited as my mouth waters reading the variety of GF revolutionary brews. They even make a witbier! Highly impressed, Ghostfish.

After reading the below mission statement from, I’d say the guys behind the magic are going above and beyond to bring the love of beer back to gluten-intolerant drinkers. To say this beer is a treat is an understatement. Hats off to you Ghostfish Brewing, I look forward to tasting every beer you have to offer.

From Ghostfish Brewing Company:

A brewery with a mission: to elevate gluten-free beer to the forefront of craft brewing innovation. All three of our founders are either gluten-intolerant themselves or have loved ones who are, so we are acutely aware of how the craft brewing revolution has left gluten-intolerant drinkers behind. We believe fate has brought us together to help rectify that! We combine traditional brewing methods with non-traditional ingredients in a constantly-evolving repertoire of beer styles.


Read Lindsi’s review of the Vanishing Point Pale Ale here.

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