Duck Foot Brewing Blonde Ale (Gluten Reduced)

A Gluten Reduced Beer Review

Duck Foot Brewing – San Diego, CA

Last week Best Gluten Free Beers reviewed the Duck Foot Brewing IPA, and this week it’s time to give their blonde ale a try!

They call it The Looker and it’s a year round staple in Duck Foot’s collection. Their permanent collection includes 5 brews: a double white IPA, a chocolate hazelnut porter (can’t wait to try this one!), a northwest IPA, a red ale (cool!), and of course the Blonde Ale that’s up for review this week.

Best gluten free beers review duck foot brewing blonde ale the looker

I also noticed they have a seasonal 95 IBU Duck ‘n Cover IPA. Ummm…YES PLEASE Duck Foot. When does THAT come out? ;)

The Looker: California Blonde Ale

Gluten Reduced Beer By Duck Foot Brewing

This blonde ale’s color was a bit darker than I expected! Just like The Contender (their IPA), it carries an attractive head upon pouring.

As promised, this beer is very light. Faintly hoppy, light body, and best when crisply cold in my opinion.

Best gluten free beers review duck foot brewing blonde ale the looker

At 5% ABV and only 16 IBUs, this beer could certainly be suitable for a day drinking go-to, if blonde ales are your style that is. (I know you people are out there, I just can’t relate. Ha!) 

I would imagine this brew would be a great one for lager lovers to reach for! But not the most sensitive of Celiacs, since the beer is not 100% gluten free.

The Gluten Reduced Effect: Did I Have A Reaction?

Best gluten free beers review duck foot brewing blonde ale the lookerJust like at the end of the last Duck Foot Brewing review, I let this review sit overnight and came back to finish it the next day. I wanted to be able to report whether I experienced symptoms of gluten exposure later in the evening or the next day.

So far I haven’t experienced any symptoms from consuming one bottle of Duck Foot beer at a time. It’s worth noting though, I have never tried to consume them nightly or in greater quantity than 1. Please keep that in mind when gauging whether this gluten reduced option is safe for you.


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