Espiga Blonde Ale (Gluten Reduced)

espiga blonde ale gluten reduced gluten free beer in spain

Cervesa Artesanal Brewed in Barcelona, Spain Gluten Reduced Blonde Ale Today I’m sharing a beer that I found in a gluten free Fish and Chips Shop in Barcelona, Spain. It’s called Espiga Blonde Ale. It was presented to me as one of two gluten free offerings the dedicated gluten free restaurant had on the menu. The second was Estrella Galicia, […]

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Battle of the Resilience IPAs: Bierly Brewing vs. Eckert Brewing

Gluten Free Resilience IPA

The Resilience IPA A Good Beer For A Good Cause The Resilience IPA is more than just a beer. It’s a powerful social movement within the beer industry, spearheaded by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. This charitable collaboration followed the 2018 fire season, during which the infamous Camp Fire completely destroyed a town in Northern California. Ironically, the town was named […]

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Eckert Brewing Kristina’s Challenge

Eckert Malting and Brewing Kristina's Challenge

My First Eckert Malting & Brewing Review A “Hop Forward” Gluten Free Rice Ale This is my first taste of Eckert Malting and Brewing Comany’s beer. The Kristina’s Challenge is labeled as a “hop forward rice ale” so I chose it first due to my fondness for hop forward styles. It’s worth noting that I haven’t had many beers that […]

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Estrella Galicia Lager (Gluten Reduced)

Estrella Galicia gluten reduced gluten free beer

The Most Common “Gluten Free” Beer In Spain (But It’s Actually Gluten Reduced) Today I’m releasing a review for the Estrella Galicia, a European gluten reduced beer that I came across non-stop while traveling in Spain. This is the common go-to for Coeliacs here. If you say you are a Coeliac in a restaurant, they will bring you this beer. There […]

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Bierly Brewing Baker Street Porter

Bierly Brewing Baker Street Porter gluten free beer

Bottle Release: Baker Street Porter Dedicated Gluten Free Porter The first time I ever tasted the Baker Street Porter was moments after entering the homebrew club anniversary party at Ground Breaker in January. The first person I saw when I walked through the door was JP Bierly, founder and brewer of Bierly Brewing. He handed me a tasting glass of […]

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Divine Science Brewing Third Contact IPA

Divine Science Third Contact IPA gluten free beer review

Third Contact IPA Divine Science Brewing Launches in California This is the Third Contact IPA, brewed by Divine Science Brewing in Southern California. Divine Science is brand new brewery and while they’re currently contract brewers (meaning they brew their beer on another brewery’s equipment), they hope to grow into their own dedicated gluten free facility as soon as possible. I […]

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Ghostfish Brewing It Came From The Haze IPA

It Came From The Haze Limited Release Hazy IPA Tonight we taste the Ghostfish Brewing It Came From The Haze Hazy IPA. I don’t know if you can relate to this locally, but people in Oregon are going crazy for the haze. It’s become a very popular style, particularly in my town. Bend’s beer drinking population is very IPA-obsessed. (In […]

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Moonshrimp Brewing Bronze Lager

Moonshrimp Brewing Bronze Lager Gluten Free Beer Review

Bronze Lager Limited Release Brewed Dedicated GF in Portland I feel like it’s been awhile since I got my hands on a new Moonshrimp Brewing beer. Looking back, it looks like the last limited release I reviewed of theirs was the Citrus Mosaic Hazy IPA released in the summer of 2018. I think they’ve released one or two since then, […]

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Ghostfish Brewing Watchstander Stout

Ghostfish Brewing Watchstander Stout

Ghostfish Brewing Watchstander Stout Winter Seasonal Brewed in Seattle This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the Watchstander Stout by Ghostfish Brewing. But the recipe seems to change a bit each year so I keep re-reviewing it! This year, it so happens that the recipe was tweaked a LOT.  If you tried it in past seasons, this year’s brew […]

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Bierly Brewing Dubbel

bierly brewing dubbel gluten free beer review

A CollaBEERation Resurfaces Same Recipe, Different Brewery Today I’m reviewing the Bierly Brewing Dubbel, one of three styles currently bottled by Bierly in McMinnville. I’ve tasted a different version of this brew before, only it was brewed by Moonshrimp Brewing in a collaboration with Bierly. I believe I reviewed that one last year. The brewmaster at Bierly Brewing gave me […]

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