Evasion Brewing Pacific North #Blessed IPA

Evasion Brewing Pacific North #Blessed NW Style IPA gluten free beer review

Pacific North #Blessed IPA Brewed by Evasion Brewing Today we have a fun beer brewed by Evasion Brewing in McMinnville Oregon. They are a 100% dedicated gluten free facility so any beer brewed at Evasion is safe for Celiacs/Coeliacs. (Just watch out for oats if you don’t tolerate them.) The Pacific North #Blessed is a NW style IPA that is […]

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Ghostfish Brewing Kai Dog Amber Ale

Ghostfish Brewing Amber Ale 2019 gluten free beer review

Kai Dog Returns As An Amber Ale (In place of the Red IPA!) Some of you may remember last year’s review of the Kai Dog Red IPA, a spring seasonal released by Ghostfish Brewing every year. Well, the Kai Dog is back…but not as a red IPA. This year Ghostfish decided to go with a new recipe, toning the hops […]

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Bierly Brewing Final Frontier IPA

Bierly Brewing Final Frontier IPA gluten free beer review

Final Frontier IPA by Bierly Brewing Limited Release Single Hop IPA I’m very excited to bring this limited release Bierly Brewing IPA to the beer blog. It’s called the Final Frontier IPA and it’s a single hop brew that is safe for ALL Celiacs, because it doesn’t contain oats and is brewed in a dedicated gluten free facility. The Final […]

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Ghostfish Brewing Killer Ale IPA

Ghostfish Brewing Killer Ale IPA gluten free beer review

A Killer Ale For The Killer Whales Beer Benefits Orca Protection and Rescue Tonight I’m tasting the Killer Ale IPA by Ghostfish Brewing, a beer brewed to benefit the Pacific Northwest’s Orca population. As you may know, Ghostfish Brewing Company is based in Seattle, Washington on the Pacific coast. They’re neighbors of the San Juan Islands, an archipelago that serves […]

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Glutenberg Stout

Glutenberg Stout gluten free beer reviews

The Glutenberg Stout Review Brewed in Canada I finally found the Glutenberg Stout on my local store’s shelves! After stocking about 5 other varieties for the last year, this is the first time I’ve seen them bring in the stout and I’m excited to give it a try. Technically I have tasted this stout once before, but to be honest, […]

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Ghostfish Brewing Hull Breaker Imperial Coffee Porter

Ghostfish Brewing Hull Breaker Imperial Coffee Porter

The Only Gluten Free Imperial Porter (That I know of!) As far as I know, the Ghostfish Brewing Hull Breaker is the only gluten free Imperial Coffee Porter on the market. The label is absolutely beautiful. (The lighting doesn’t exactly do it justice in these photos.) It has an eye-catching metallic baby blue color and is a bit simpler in […]

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Eckert’s Select Lager

Eckert Select Lager gluten free beer review

A Lager Style Rice Beer Brewed By Eckert Malting & Brewing This is my second review of Eckert Malting and Brewing’s beer. Actually, it’s the third if you count the gluten free Resilience IPA I reviewed of theirs a few weeks back! But this is the second flagship review to grace the blog. Eckert Malting and Brewing is based in […]

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Brewnited Red IPA: A Gluten Free Collaboration Beer

Brewnited Red IPA gluten free beer review holidaily brewing aurochs brewing grouse malt house

Brewnited Red IPA: A Gluten Free Collaboration Dedicated Gluten Free Breweries Unite This is a very exciting review for me. The Brewnited Red IPA is the product of a serious collaboration in the dedicated gluten free beer industry. Two breweries and a malt house joined forces to brew this Red IPA, including Holidaily Brewing, Aurochs Brewing, and Grouse Malt House. […]

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Espiga Blonde Ale (Gluten Reduced)

espiga blonde ale gluten reduced gluten free beer in spain

Cervesa Artesanal Brewed in Barcelona, Spain Gluten Reduced Blonde Ale Today I’m sharing a beer that I found in a gluten free Fish and Chips Shop in Barcelona, Spain. It’s called Espiga Blonde Ale. It was presented to me as one of two gluten free offerings the dedicated gluten free restaurant had on the menu. The second was Estrella Galicia, […]

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Battle of the Resilience IPAs: Bierly Brewing vs. Eckert Brewing

Gluten Free Resilience IPA

The Resilience IPA A Good Beer For A Good Cause The Resilience IPA is more than just a beer. It’s a powerful social movement within the beer industry, spearheaded by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. This charitable collaboration followed the 2018 fire season, during which the infamous Camp Fire completely destroyed a town in Northern California. Ironically, the town was named […]

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